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Vol Nº03 – Fall/Winter 20

For The Body And Life You Desire


Kenzie Burke /

Holistic Health Coach

Kenzie Burke is a holistic health coach leading the way in the wellness space with her unique, transformative programs, plant-based recipes and beyond for a healthy body from the inside out — turning wellness, nutrition and mindfulness into a luxurious, desirable lifestyle.

After moving to Los Angeles at a young age and struggling with the deterioration of her health (mentally & physically) — Kenzie started to put all of her energy and focus into studying health and nutrition in a desperate search to feel fully ALIVE again.

Through her personal research, she discovered a method called Food Combining — centered around eating to optimize digestion and conserve energy — and it became the launchpad of her love affair with nutrition. Through food combining she adopted a plant-based diet, became deeply connected to eating an abundance of beautiful, colorful foods, and began creating simple, delicious recipes to heal and nourish her body. Cooking became therapy and her body began to transfigure — inspiring her to pursue nutrition as a full-time career. Kenzie’s studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition combined with her personal experiences and healing have led to the unique and extremely effective methods and programs she creates today — helping others unveil their best body, find love for the foods they eat, and live the life they truly desire.

Kenzie’s first program, Vol. Nº01, The 21 Day Reset, has transformed thousands of lives and garnered widespread attention — launching her career and establishing the authority she holds with her cult-like following today. She is honored to be able to play a role in changing the lives of others who are looking to discover their highest selves. (Read her full story here)

Highlight Reel, Fall/Winter 2020
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