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posted on Dec 19 / filed under News & Updates

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After keeping up with Kenzie’s Instagram and purchasing her 21 Day Reset, my whole life transformed. I struggled with major digestion/ intestinal issues. Every time I ate, I would get super bloated. I didn't feel comfortable in my body and did not like leaving my house because my digestion was always bugging me. I have tried so many things! Figuring out my digestion has been a huge trial and error process. It is a huge reason why I have been plant-based for 3 years, but cutting out animal products was not enough. Every time I complained to a doctor, they would just give me medicine or tell me my problems will pass. I was so tired of taking medication. I just accepted that this was going to be a part of my life.  Once I tried Kenzie’s reset, my entire life changed for the best. Within the first week, I noticed a HUGE difference. My energy is always high. I no longer experience daily bloating. I feel great after I eat. Abdominal pain went away. Skin cleared up. Acid reflux disappeared. I go to the bathroom 1-2 times a day. I feel more motivated and happy because I am not so focused on my digestion anymore. I do not have to worry about it constantly and that is a wonderful thing. Kenzie Burke has honestly changed my life. She helped me find the root of the issue…something no doctor took the time to do. Her reset is more than just something you do for 21 days, then you are done. It helps you change your lifestyle, so you can live a healthier, sustainable and happier life. I feel so blessed! 
submitted by Autumn C / program 21 Day Reset
I wanted to share my transformation with you because you literally changed my life (in the best way). I have struggled with food my entire life. Something just felt wrong with my digestive system after every time I ate but my doctors could never really help other than telling me I have IBS. This lead to years of struggling and feeling so insecure about my body. I started your 21 Day Reset in June. I saw and felt so many changes in just a couple of days. It has been almost 4 months and I still follow food combining and eat a plant-based diet along with cutting out dairy and gluten. I get excited and feel inspired to find recipes that work with food combining. Also, I am eating more now than I ever have! In July I found out that I have PCOS and I honestly think your method of eating has been helping me manage my symptoms with that.  You helped me with so much more than food and my digestive system too. Once I started feeling better from food, I felt like anything was possible and I started to feel like myself for the first time. I feel so much more positive and confident in myself. I even decided to follow a dream of mine and get my certification in Pilates. I am a couple of months in now and I am the busiest but happiest I have ever been.
submitted by Miranda R / program 21 Day Reset
Right before I started @kenzieburke reset she had me answer a few questions. The one that resonated with me the most was “when was the last time you were genuinely happy” and it broke my heart because it was a tough question to answer, but it was late 2016/2017. I had been going through some personal things and it had been awhile since I felt like myself. I had always been confident in who I was but I knew I was settling in a place where I didn’t feel my best. In April I decided to make a change and finally focus on ME for the first time in a long time. I can honestly say that if I were to answer that question that Kenzie asked me in March I would say “right now.”
submitted by Maggie M
Kenzie, thank you. One year ago, following my first year of college I found your account and immediately purchased your 21 Day Reset. Physically, mentally, and spiritually I needed a refreshing adjustment and lifestyle change. It did not take long for me to completely adapt to the food combining practice because rather than a diet, I understand it's a lifestyle. I quickly transitioned to a fully plant-based diet and cut out all meat and dairy with ease. After intensively learning why I should eat and live this way, as well as intuitively watching how my body thrives best, I've been completely ‘vegan’ / ‘plant-based for a year — and plan to be for the rest of my life. KB has completely changed my life not only physically, but mentally I have become stronger, wiser, healthier, and happier. Not only did my gut, digestive, and anxiety problems fade away, but I was also gifted a mental clarity and physical reset by finding you and adopting this lifestyle. Thank you for changing my life, simply and wholeheartedly — I attribute the basis of my success to you. You are a true inspiration in my life. I can’t wait to do the 10 Day Reboot!
submitted by Riley J / program 21 Day Reset, 10 Day Reboot
6 month difference it happened so fast! I originally was using food combining to help with my skin because I had digestion issues and that is related to hormonal issues which affects the skin, but then it changed my body so much too! And my skin is so clear now.
submitted by Sofia H / program 21 Day Reset
I recently switched over to a completely vegan lifestyle and I’ve never felt better! It’s been about 3 months now and I’ve seen a huge difference in both my body and my overall mood and energy! I followed your 21 Day Reset and have been incorporating food combining in my everyday diet!
submitted by Izzy B / program 21 Day Reset
My whole life, I grew up playing sports and was competitive in gymnastics. When I decided to quit my junior year of high school, I didn’t know how to live my life. I didn’t know how to eat, how to work out, how to live...and this led me to gain weight. When I found your page and saw your reset, I didn’t necessarily want to lose weight, but I wanted to transition my whole entire lifestyle. I knew that the way I was living wasn’t the way I wanted to continue to live for the rest of my life. I was eating more animal protein then I could think of and didn’t think twice of how it could be affecting my life. I never thought in a million years that I’d be plant-based to be completely honest with you. When I started the 21 Day Reset, I had no intention of going completely honestly kinda just happened. The number of vegetables that naturally were incorporated into my diet while following the 21 Day Reset was amazing to me. It’s safe to say that after I’ve completed the reset, AND the reboot, my lifestyle has completely taken a turn for the better. I feel like me again, and I fuel my body with the nutrients it needs. The amount of vegetables I have in a day is portions are bigger than ever before but I feel my BEST. Honestly, thank you for making me feel like me again, and for transitioning truly my whole entire life.
submitted by Brooke G / program 21 Day Reset
THANK YOU KENZIE!!!!! You changed my life. I found you last spring and you immediately inspired me to start taking better care of myself. I was eating like trash and knew I needed a change. I have never been overweight but have also never eaten well. I have been doing food combining since then and am almost %100 plant based. I lost 21lbs without even trying. Eating cleaner was my goal and you gave me so much more. My life is so much happier, healthier, and pure because of you. Thank you.
submitted by Jenna S / program
Kenzie, I can't thank you enough for existing. I had literally struggled with myself and I don't care what anyone says, but I had struggled with losing weight and feeling wholesome and loving food. I had tried everything but your program was the most effective. Living a routine was so luxurious and such an efficient lifestyle. I had finally gained a healthy body shape, stopped binging, and started loving myself again.
submitted by Meagan / program 21 Day Reset
This is just one week in to the reset!! This past year I started as a new nurse and am constantly switching shifts every 2 weeks from days to nights so it was always messing up my eating schedule, I wasn’t getting enough sleep, and then I was not fueling my body like I used to! It seemed like every day someone was bringing donuts in or pizza and it’s so hard to get a lunch break as a nurse so I felt like I had been reaching for the unhealthy snacks at work and eating out a lot. I NEEDED a reset. I’m already feeling so much more like myself and my stomach doesn’t hurt like it used to. I truly think I’ve been bloated since I was 8 years old! I always looked pregnant and would get so frustrated with how much I work out. I’m a yoga teacher too and lately had been feeling embarrassed with how I looked teaching. (Which is the opposite of how you should feel during yoga). I’m so excited to finish the next few weeks and continue this lifestyle for good. Fruit first!
submitted by Alanna E
Yes, I recommend this reset to anyone wanting to look and feel better about their body. I “finished” the reset weeks ago but have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to post about it. I say “finished” because I will continue to eat this way for the rest of my life. I’ve always eaten whatever I wanted and have never followed any sort of diet. I had a high metabolism and worked out a lot in high school as a volleyball player. But flash forward to now where I work and go to school, and I was having stomach pain constantly. I was bloated constantly. I hated how I felt and I didn’t like how I looked in clothes. I chose to do this reset to see if it could change the way I felt about myself and food. And it did. While I lost weight, I truly gained so much knowledge and insight into food, and how to fuel my body. This is something I plan to stick with for the rest of my life. Thank you, Kenzie Burke, for what you have created, and congrats on all the success you have seen. You deserve it all & more! You are changing lives!
submitted by Taylor C / program 21 Day Reset
Right before I started the 21 Day Reset she had me answer a few questions. The one that resonated with me the most was “when was the last time you were genuinely happy” and it broke my heart because it was a tough question to answer, but it was late 2016/2017. I had been going through some personal things and it had been a while since I felt like myself. I had always been confident in who I was but I knew I was settling in a place where I didn’t feel my best. In April I decided to make a change and finally focus on ME for the first time in a long time. I can honestly say that if I were to answer that question that Kenzie asked me in March I would say “right now.”
submitted by Taly M / program 21 Day Reset
My senior year of high school I gained 45 pounds in about a year while working out every single day. I was extremely depressed and would use food for comfort instead of nourishment. I felt so uncomfortable in my own body and I would get made fun of so much for the way I looked. My arms, how fat I am, my cellulite. My physical and mental state was completely awful and I was so unhappy with myself until I decided to start dieting to do something. I tried restricting myself while eating no carbs and lots of animal protein for a week, but it was so hard until I found your instagram account. I looked through all your posts and stories and learned as much as possible about food combining and your reset. In just 2 months of consistently following what you preach I have lost 38 pounds, which is a crazy amount to think about in such a short time. It has also been extremely easy with how much you post and motivate me every single day.  I just can’t believe I didn’t have to restrict myself to get into the best shape of my life and at my best mental health point too. So many people have been asking me what I did because of the crazy fast drastic change that happened to my body and I just followed your reset and food combining with a plant based diet. I eat the same delicious foods every single day and sometimes I get scared that I’ll gain the weight back because of how effortless this lifestyle has become for me. I am just so beyond grateful for what you do and I wanted to thank you personally because you have improved my life physically and mentally. I am never going back to eating animal products or not having fruit for breakfast because this has been the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time and it’s all thanks to you! Here is the difference in pictures just so you can tell and it’s only been 63 days. Thank you so much for changing my life for the better.
submitted by Kristina E / program 21 Day Reset
I just wanted to thank you for your knowledge and wisdom on nutrition and developing healthy habits for the mind, body, and soul. I couldn’t have done it without you and your 21 Day Reset, so thank you.
submitted by Emily S / program 21 Day Reset
 I started following your 21 day reset last summer as I was getting out of a relationship with a guy who controlled what I ate and belittled me daily (I hate to admit that). I felt like this was a way I could gain back control in the life I envisioned for myself. My mom always taught me about manifesting your dreams when I was younger, and my dream at that time last year was to be my TRUE self. I felt such a strong difference from inside while following your plan. Here is a transformation picture for you. In the first one you can see how drained my body was...the second one...I'm loving my life in. Thank you.
submitted by Korinne C / program 21 Day Reset
I’ve been doing food combining and following your 21 Day Reset guidelines since I messaged you two months ago!! I have NEVER FELT BETTER IN MY LIFE!! you and your influence have seriously changed my life for the better and I cannot thank you enough. My relationship with food is so much better than what it used to be... I used to struggle with my mental health surrounding food and body image and because of this, I was under-fueling my body. I used to constantly restrict myself and not eat certain things because I saw them as “unhealthy” and now I am seeing food in a new light and I am thrilled to be adding more food INTO my diet to get in those essential vitamins and nutrients! My energy is heightened (I literally don’t need coffee anymore... and I used to need it), my skin is glowing, my body is thriving, and my mind is at peace. You are an absolute angel and I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for me.
submitted by Aidan F / program 21 Day Reset
I was a college cross country athlete when the first pic was taken a year ago. Literally running like 10 miles a day, very hard workouts 2 a day. I was even eating pretty healthy and clean (mostly plant based with meat sparingly). But I have never been in this good of shape and been able to see lines and FELT NO STOMACH PAIN as I have from practicing food combining. WOW it is a whole new world. I have energy, and my hair is stronger and healthier I am happier. I am not working out a fraction of as long or hard and my results are incredible and better than ever. It has helped me get rid of pain, it has helped my mental health, and it has boosted my confidence a million. I love nourishing my body, and it loves me back for doing so. THANK YOU, you are doing amazing things and changing peoples lives.
submitted by Jessiny M / program 21 Day Reset
I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you! I have been following your 21 Day Reset for a month now and I have never felt better. I have struggled with my gut health and digestive tract for over a year now, and no doctor could help me or tell me what to do to fix it, except prescribe medication. I used to be in so much pain when I would eat anything, I tried every possible diet and nothing seemed to work. I honestly had given up and just thought I would feel this way forever, until I stumbled upon your page! Thank you so much, food combining has honestly changed my life and I have a much more positive relationship with food!
submitted by Francesca B / program 21 Day Reset
I just finished your 21 Day Reset and let me just say... you are a genius! I have never felt better than I do now and never felt more CONFIDENT in my body. I usually am bad at following diets or I just do them for like 5 days, but since this isn’t really a diet it’s almost become easy to keep up with! I don't see myself going back to the way I was eating before because now I know how shitty I truly felt. I know I’ve got some ways to go but this is just the beginning and I have literally fallen in love with making meals and food in general — and that was so not me 21 days ago. No more guilty feelings after I eat and THAT is the best part about this. Also, I found you at the BEST time because I just finished my freshman year of college and oh man, that just did me so dirty... I’m back to my starting weight of freshman year and it only took me 21 days?!! I can't Imagine what I’ll look like when I go back to school in August while I keep this up! 
submitted by Kathleen T / program 21 Day Reset

I’ve been holding off on sending you my before/ after photos because I really wanted to show you my progress after seeing how good I looked and how amazing I felt as the months went by. First photo in Feb.. skinny gal yes, but unhealthy AF, always tired, anxious, always bloated and feeling like crap after eating, never motivated.

Just two weeks after the first photo and doing your reset I instantly saw results and thought to myself alright let’s see where this goes before I get too excited. Continued with your reset and it only took about a month for me to get used to it. I began reading the back of the labels, food combining at restaurants, learning to make healthy choices, making a schedule, going out of my comfort zone and trying hot pilates, etc.

Last couple photos is a lean, strong woman, energized, motivated to workout everyday, reading every night with my side of detox tea, and HAPPY. Seriously, I cannot stress this enough, my anxiety just disappeared. The food I began to put in my body changed the way I felt, which led to feeling more energy, which motivated me to workout everyday, which transformed my body and mind, which gave me the confidence I always longed for but thought I could never achieve. It’s crazy how this all started with just FOOD. GREENS. I love it and I love you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, you have no idea how much you are giving to us women besides your recipes.

submitted by Pamela R
Kenzie, you are a miracle worker. I’ve always been a chronic workout gal but have never, ever been able to see any results from my efforts. I was always conscious of what I ate but nothing ever seemed to work. I’d often go to bed incredibly bloated with severe stomach cramps and wake up with my stomach rock hard with bloat. The 21 Day Reset literally shed all my extra weight and I was finally able to see the abs I knew were there for the first time ever. It is so rewarding! Your program not only makes me crave nourishment for my body but also makes me crave the happiness I feel when I know I’m truly healthy on the inside and out. Thank you so much!! 
submitted by Natalie V / program

The difference between the orange bathing suit and black sports bra is 19 days and it is completely because of your diet. I feel so much better since doing this and have hardly any stomach issues anymore. I was constantly bloated after I ate and now I hardly ever am!

submitted by MAddie C
I did your 21 Day Reset and I have to say food combining really changed my life! I have lost 10 pounds!!! I used to swim for about 20 hours a week so weight was never an issue for me. However, I ended up quitting for personal reasons about a year ago and gained about 35 pounds because I was so used to being able to eat whatever I wanted without feeling full. I was in a really dark place with how I felt about myself and since starting food combining, I am on track to my fitness goals while finding new and healthy foods that I love! I know some people have been very negative about food combining, but I wanted to try it because nothing else was working for me and now I love it! Since I am in college with a job, it is sometimes hard to follow food all the time but still make it a goal of mine to follow it as well as I can. Currently, I am 15 pounds down from my starting weight and am beginning to get toned and defined again! Thank you for helping me find a way to not be embarrassed of my body and not be afraid of food anymore! Love you. 
submitted by Alek X / program
Just wanted to reach out and thank you for FINALLY educating me on a diet that is perfect for my needs. All I ever wanted was to feel good and look healthy- and that’s what food combining has done for me! I have only been doing it consistently for about two weeks, and I mess up a lot but here are some progress pictures that blow my mind!
submitted by Lexe W
This is my transformation from just 14days!!! You have changed my LIFE!! Left is when I woke up INSANELY bloated and couldn’t move, right is this morning 30 minutes after smoothie and toast! Thank you for creating such an incredible impact on my life!!!
submitted by Aly R
As someone who’s struggled with an eating disorder for 2 years, I honestly never thought there was a way I could have a healthy relationship with food. I feared food for so long and struggled so much with bulimia and binge-eating disorder. When I decided I wanted to go into recovery, I honestly thought it would be impossible to regain a positive relationship with food and my body. I am so grateful I found your account because I owe my recovery and the way my body looks entirely to YOU. I have such a healthy outlook on food now — I’m not scared of it and I see it as fuel and nutrition to keep me healthy. I eat 3 meals a day now (and snacks) which is something I never thought I’d be capable of again. You will never understand how genuinely GRATEFUL I am and how much I love and appreciate you and everything you do. You and food combining have saved me, Kenzie.
submitted by Laura B
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